Pratique de Shiné Shamatha

At Pema Yang Dzong and/or via Skype with the Anilas



Open to all


10:00am - 12:00am and 2:30pm - 4:00pm


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4 April 2021 with Ani Kinley

16 May 2021 with Ani Thuji

6 June 2021 with Ani Kinley

 25 July 2021 with Ani Thuji

1 August 2021 with Ani Kinley

3 October 2021 with Ani Thuji

7 November 2021 with Ani Kinley

5 December 2021 with Ani Thuji



English – French


Participation and registration:  go to the program page, download and email the registration forms.

To arrive the night before, please check the availability by writing to :




Association Yéshé Khorlo

Pema Yang Dzong

39130 BLYE
Jura, France


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